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Reading is intrinsic to learning, it's embedded into everyday life. Although, maybe your child, your teenager, or even yourself can have a hard time with it. If you want to help your child to improve reading and comprehension skills, scroll down.

Figure out Their Rate

If you want to improve on...

If managing your time more effectively and keeping better track of your school duties are some of your academic resolutions to the new year, a planner can help you achieve them. To learn how, continue reading.

How to Manage a Planner for School

  1. First, find the perfect planner for your wants...

As finals approach, your anxiety about doing well on your tests increases. Being nervous about taking tests is normal, but if you've noticed that said nerves get in the way of you doing your best, then you need to take certain measures to reduce your test anxiety. For tips on what you can do,...

Calculators can make life a lot easier. However, overusing them at a young age can get in the way of a child's academic development. If you want to learn to manage your child's calculator usage, so it won't hinder their math learning process, continue reading.

How to Teach Your Child to Use a...


Tips to Help You Ease Your Child's Back to School Anxiety

If your child is feeling a bit anxious or stressed about their return to school, don't get too stressed out yourself. A bit of anxiety due to change can be quite normal. However, if your child is having a harder time than most children,...

Preparing Your Child for the New School Year

Each of the comments on your child’s report card not only provides insight into the previous school year but also how to improve for the next. The Tutoring Center, Houston TX has prepared a great post on the topic, below.

Identify a Theme

The best...

While it may sound like a fun activity, the summer learning slide can actually have a negative impact on your child’s learning progress. To find out more, The Tutoring Center, Houston TX & Crestwater has prepared a post to share.

What Happens During Summer?

When your child is at school,...

Show Your Child Just How Important Math Will Be

All parents know just how important learning math is, not just for school, but to prepare for adult life. However, convincing children of this isn’t always the easiest task. If this sounds like a familiar challenge, below is a great post from The...

Reading Class at Home

A student’s reading level can determine the type of academic and career options they are qualified for. The Tutoring Center, Houston TX has prepared a post with tips for improving your child’s reading level at home.

A Cooking Lesson

If preparing meals consists of you...

Tips to Help Prepare for an Exam

Even if your student doesn’t enjoy sitting an exam, the results they achieve can impact their future academic path. The Tutoring Center, Houston TX has prepared the following post with tips to help your student prepare for exams.

Have a Plan

As soon as you find...


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