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Flashcards: An Old Favorite with a Lot of Benefit

One of the biggest challenges faced by eager parents is how to help their student with homework. The enthusiasm is there, but it's the perception that without knowing the subject themselves, they can't possibly provide assistance. However, The Tutoring Center, Houston TX knows that this is just a misperception and has the following post to share on how you can use flashcards to provide great homework help to your child.

What to Write?

Take a look on your student's desk. Don't look at their textbooks, but their notebooks. With your student, sit down and look through each of the pages. While you might not be able to understand entirely what is written, you can identify the following:
  • Notes that have been written, corrected, and then rewritten a number of time.
  • Incomplete notes.
  • Notes that look like they have been written in an alien language.
These can all be strong signs that the particular lessons posed somewhat of a challenge, and contain the very content that will make up your flashcards.

What to Write?

No, the title isn't a typo. Once you know the information that you will use, it's important that you use it well. Keep the questions that you ask short and concise. Such as:
  • What is boiling point of water?
  • How much water can the Hoover Dam hold?
  • How many continents are there?
By just providing the solid basics of the question, it can increase the speed at which your student recalls the answer. Once you have these cards, take them around with you. If your student wants a special type of meal for dinner while you are at the grocery store, consider it a reward for three correct flashcard answers. If you are all stuck waiting for traffic to clear, consider it the perfect time for a quick pop-quiz.

Summer Tutoring in Houston TX Works

Flashcards are a great learning tool and make for an excellent complement to summer tutoring in Houston TX. Speak with The Tutoring Center, Houston TX at (832) 571-8224 and book your free consultation where a trained learning professional can answer any of your questions about tutoring in Houston.


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