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Nowadays, spelling isn't as looked after as it once was. Texts and online posts are often flooded with mistakes, typos, and overall bad spelling and grammar. However, being a good speller still carries some weight, especially in the academic and business worlds. If you want your child to develop their spelling skills, here are a few tips on how you can help.

How to Help Your Child Be a Better Speller

  1. The more your child reads and writes, the more familiar they will be with the written word and with spelling. Encourage them to engage in these activities often so they can improve.
  2. It's normal for everyone to have doubts about a word's spelling. However, if your child is ever feeling this way, ensure they have a dictionary nearby that can help them verify and correct the word's spelling.
  3. It's understandable for children to forget some spelling rules; there are so many, after all. If your child is struggling to retain this information, though, employ mnemonic devices, such as songs, to help them in this respect.
  4. Another idea that can help your child strengthen their skills further is keeping a spelling log. In it, they can note and repeat those challenging words a number of times, until they memorize their spelling.
  5. Finally, you should help them practice on a regular basis. For example, you can search for practice sheets online, or you can provide apps and online games aimed at helping them improve.

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