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Why Are Your Child's Grades Declining?

When your child brings home grades, or project marks which you know are below their potential, it can be difficult to understand why. After all, once they leave the house, it's hard to know what happens. To give you some insight into why your student's grades may be slipping, The Tutoring Center, Houston TX has some information to share.

Does Their Teacher Have Sufficient Time?

As classroom numbers continue to grow, teachers are finding it increasingly difficult to give each student the attention they need. When this happens, students who require just one question answered to understand the lesson fully don't have the opportunity to ask. If that one question relates to a math equation which further lessons rely on, all subsequent answers are going to be incorrect. Ask your child about the time they receive in school. If they complain that they aren't able to ask enough questions, consider additional after-school resources such as study groups or tutoring classes.

Buzz! Buzz! Ring! Ring!

With the popularity of cell phones and tablets, more and more students find themselves distracted more than ever. Something as simple as looking away from the board to reply to a text could mean missing out on crucial information before the teacher wipes it from the board and moves on to the next lesson. If this sounds like your student, the quickest and easiest way to stop these distractions is to remove these gadgets from their educational settings.

Change of Path

If you and your child established an educational path to reach a specific educational or career goal earlier in the school year, and now your child no longer wishes to pursue the goal or career, they may feel uncomfortable speaking to you about it. Instead, they simply lose interest in the lessons they are attending, resulting in their grades declining. If you suspect this is the case, sit down and have a relaxed conversation where you 'touch base' with your student to make sure they are enjoying their lessons. If they aren't, let them know that it's okay to change direction and help them plan for their new path.

Raise Slipping Grades With Tutoring Classes

If for whatever reason, your child's grades have begun to slip, the time to act is now. Speak with The Tutoring Center, Houston TX at (832) 571-8224 and ask about how their 'Geniuses in Training' programs can help children of all learning levels increase their grades and improve their confidence.


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