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Reading is intrinsic to learning, it's embedded into everyday life. Although, maybe your child, your teenager, or even yourself can have a hard time with it. If you want to help your child to improve reading and comprehension skills, scroll down.

Figure out Their Rate

If you want to improve on something, first you have to measure it. Set a timer for 60 seconds, let them read the page of a book until that time-span ends. Once they're done, count the number of lines that they just read. That result is their current reading rate; and the score to beat.

Use a Visual Pacer

Using a bookmark, a card, a mouse on a computer or a pencil, place the item below the current sentence that is being read. Help them understand that underlining words will guide them through the page, and keep track their focus; Actually, children do use this technique with their fingers, but a bookmark will be more precise.

Exercise Their Peripheral Vision

Moving the neck or head while reading is extremely fatiguing and as odd as it sounds, eyes need a workout to stay active to extend its field of vision. Eyesight can be trained, draw on air a big infinite symbol or a circle with a pen and instruct your kids to follow the pen's motion using only their eyesight. Eyes are naturally attracted to movement and this will get them used to it.


The enemy of reading and comprehension is the lack of focus; have you ever read a page or an article, got to the end and just forgot what you've just read? it's a matter of focus. If you want to your child to be more engaged in their reading, they must involve themselves emotionally in what they are doing; the road to long-term memory is paved with emotion combined with information but, if these elements are absent, your child will end up losing focus and wondering off.

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