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Does Your Youngster Cringe at the Idea of Sitting an Exam?

It’s no secret that students don’t often enjoy taking exams, however, this is mainly because they don’t know how to prepare for them. This can cause the simple thought of an exam to overwhelm them. To prevent this snowballing mindset from preventing your student to perform well on an exam, The Tutoring Center, Houston TX has the following tips to offer.
  • Unless you teach the subject or wrote the exam, there is no excuse not to study. Whether it’s a short exam just for your teacher’s assessment or an entrance exam being submitted to admissions boards, give the exam the respect it deserves by studying appropriately.
  • If you need a pen, pack two. If you need two colored markers, pack three. If you need three protractors, well, just pack one! Who needs three? But you get the idea! Whatever it is that you will need to complete your exam correctly and thoroughly, be sure you have it packed in a small case. Then, the morning before leaving, double check you have everything.
  • Before you begin the exam, be sure to write your name and any other information required. Why is this important? Because many students forget to complete this task and miss out on a grade they worked hard to achieve.
  • With your test identified, read through the questions in the exam to identify any sections which you are confident that you can not only answer quickly but correctly. Once you have these, look for questions which will pose a challenge but have a higher point value.
  • Even if it means not completing the exam, it’s important that you leave time to review. While it may mean that you miss one question, it also means that you have the chance to review all of your previous answers to ensure everything still looks good. After all, a tired hand can easily slip a 4 into a 7 without you noticing.

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