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Tips to Help You Ease Your Child's Back to School Anxiety

If your child is feeling a bit anxious or stressed about their return to school, don't get too stressed out yourself. A bit of anxiety due to change can be quite normal. However, if your child is having a harder time than most children, they may be in need of some extra attention. Whatever the case is, be there to help your child through their stress.

Find Ways to Reduce Stress

There are many reasons why students get anxious around the start of the school year. They may worry about getting along with their new teachers, not knowing anyone in their classes, or even having the wrong clothes. Find out what it is that is causing your child so much stress and help them overcome it. For example, if your child is worried about attending a new school, take them to back to school events where they can get to know other students and the layout of the school.

Be Available

Sometimes all your child will need is someone to listen to their problems and take them seriously. We can sometimes be quick to dismiss their problems because we don't consider them important. Even if their issues aren't life changing, they may feel like they are. Sit down with your child and allow them to vent. Give them your full attention and do your best to not be dismissive.

Focus on the Positives

Your child may be having a tough time because they're focusing on everything that can go wrong instead of focusing on what can be great. By maintaining a positive attitude yourself, you may start to see a shift in your child's way of thinking. Help them see the positives daily by asking them to tell you something good about their day.

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