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Identifying and Helping an Auditory Learner

When it comes to a regular classroom environment, each student sits to face the board and copies everything the teacher writes. And while this method works, it isn’t always the most effective for all learning styles. Below is some information from The Tutoring Center, Houston TX about the traits of an auditory learner and how you can adjust your homework help to better provide assistance.

How to Identify an Auditory Learner

There are many signs that your student prefers to learn through audio cues. Below are some of the ones you are likely to notice:
  • No matter how detailed your written instructions are, unless they really study them, they just aren’t as good at completing their chores when the directions aren’t spoken to them.
  • You can’t remember a single time when they sat down and read a book or reviewed a textbook quietly.
  • When you are giving them directions or detailed instructions, it can seem like they aren’t paying attention because they turn their ear to you.
These can all be indications that your student is an auditory learner. If you think this may be the case, consider adjusting your homework help techniques, for example:
  • If your youngster is studying history, instead of having them read a chapter of their textbook, read it to them out loud where they can simply sit and listen.
  • Talk to teachers about upcoming lessons and search for audio-book tools which your student can use to complement the teacher’s lesson.
  • With their teachers' consent, provide them with a dictaphone or an app for their smart device to record particularly important lessons or lectures for them to listen to at home or during their commutes.
In addition to these tips, consider other ways which you can adjust your helping style to better accommodate for an auditory learner.

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