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Using Music as a Complement to Tutoring

While it's true that students will get the majority of lessons from their school classes, learning is not limited to strictly educational environments. Knowing how important a well-rounded skillset is to every child, The Tutoring Center, Houston TX has some information to share on the benefits of learning an instrument and participating in a band.


If you were to ask students what they disliked most about school projects is speaking publicly and presenting their work to their classmates. Learning an instrument and participating in a band is a great way to boost a student's confidence in public speaking. By being surrounded by like-minded peers, bands provide a comfortable platform for students to practice performing publicly.


It can take something as small as the sound of a vacuum cleaner to distract a student from their study. Imagine what it's like when multiple sounds and distractions are coming at them during important exam preparation sessions. Playing an instrument in a band requires students to read and follow their music while also managing to get the right notes, all while other student's (potentially) incorrect music is playing around them. This is great practice to help students 'tune out' background noise and focus on their own work.

Always Counting

Just because they aren't performing trigonometry doesn't mean that they aren't using their brain. Keeping count of the beat and the changes in tempo requires the brain to keep working, even if your student doesn't realize. For a student playing piano, this point is particularly beneficial as they need to monitor the tempo and beat of both bass and treble clefs notes.

Tutoring Classes Get Results

Learning to play an instrument and performing in a band is a great complement to traditional classes, however, it isn't a replacement and it can't help your child raise their math grades. If your student needs study help, speak with The Tutoring Center, Houston TX at (832) 571-8224 to learn about their 'Geniuses in Training' programs. Delivered through one-to-one tutoring, students are given the attention they need to learn each subject to the fullest and are encouraged to ask as many questions as they need until they are comfortable with their knowledge.


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