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Show Your Child Just How Important Math Will Be

All parents know just how important learning math is, not just for school, but to prepare for adult life. However, convincing children of this isn’t always the easiest task. If this sounds like a familiar challenge, below is a great post from The Tutoring Center, Houston with an activity which can help.

Reduce Your Energy Bills

As much as you may take it for granted, reviewing and reading your energy bills involves a decent amount of math and can be a great teaching platform for your children. Sit down with your children, your energy bills, and some snacks, and work through them:
  • Calculate the price difference throughout the day.
  • Work out the benefits of moving your usage to different periods of the day.
  • Forecast your next set of bills using the information from previous bills.
  • Are there are providers which could offer a better price, considering usage and unit price.
Some great benefits can come from this activity:
  1. The calculations you teach are powerful lessons for your children.
  2. The practical nature of this activity helps enforce the lesson and shows your children just how relevant and beneficial math is to adult life.
  3. Supervising the activity allows parents to identify any learning challenges.

Math Tutoring Can Help

If your student struggles with the math in this activity or they are falling behind their classmates, one-to-one math tutoring can help. Learn more during your free initial diagnostic assessment at The Tutoring Center, Houston by calling (832) 571-8224.


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