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Spelling Games and Challenges to Help Your Child

Spelling is an important part of our vocabulary training. The Internet can help your child with spelling skills in a way that makes learning a game.

Visual Thesaurus Spelling Bee

The online word app offers two challenges, a Tournament Spelling Bee and the Community Spelling Bees. In the former, the goal is to get as many spellings right as you can to move up the leaderboard. It is challenging because the words also adapt to your performance. Your child will hear the recording of the word and see its definition before guessing the right spelling. As the test is adaptive, it is suitable for all age groups and skill levels. In the Community Spelling Bee challenge, your child can do the same thing but on word lists created by members.

Tumble Bees

This word game has your child build a honeycomb for the bees with the correctly spelled words. Each word they spell correctly will fill the honey pot with honey. The importance of language and words can be gauged from the numerous sites available to hone spelling skills. For help improving your child's spelling and vocabulary skills, the best help is the one-to-one instruction tutoring provides.

Tutoring in Houston

The Tutoring Center of Houston offers the best tutoring in Houston and Crestwater for your child. Academic success is crucial to your child's confidence and success. It's never too early to work on challenge subjects such as reading, writing, and math skillsCall The Tutoring Center in Houston today 832-571-8224 for your child's free diagnostic assessment.


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