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Enjoy a Reading Picnic with Your Youngster

When it comes to reading, not all children show the same level of interest. While some many enjoy the task, many others consider it to be boring and without benefit. If this sounds like the views of a young student in your home, The Tutoring Center, Houston TX is here with a post which can help. A reading picnic is just how it sounds, reading while having a picnic. However, you can turn this activity into something interactive and fun. When preparing for a regular picnic, you are likely accustomed to finding a park with numerous activities for your children to enjoy. When looking for the perfect space for a reading picnic, find somewhere quiet and distraction free. Instead of a park, try for a local garden or similar environment where you can each sit and read in peace. Once you have found the perfect spot, it's time to choose the reading material. Instead of you reading your own book and giving your child a textbook to study, allow your student to choose the book which you will both read. This could mean that you will be reading a story about dragons or mermaids. Try to hold back your thoughts during the decision making process. When you both have a copy of the chosen book, pack some healthy lunch foods and snacks, water and juice, along with a few tasty chocolate treats and make your way to your destination. Once you are all set up, read the first chapter and then stop. During this first break, have a small snack and discuss where you each think the story is going or talk about any possible favorite characters you may have. After this, read two or three more chapters and then stop again. This time, realign your predictions and even make up funny voices for each of the characters. If you or your student are particularly confident of where a story line is going, make silly bets where the prize is chocolate or a small and silly chore that you can make up. Continue reading a few chapters and then breaking to discuss until the entire book is completed or you have run out of time during the day. Remember that when you are talking about the book, do your best to match your child's excitement levels and always have a smile on your face. During the trip home, get your young one to tell you a recap of the events that occurred in the book, including which one of you managed to make the most number of correct predictions.

Boost Your Child's Reading Level With Tutoring Classes in Houston, TX

If it seems like you've just read the description for a fun day out, then you're right! But that doesn't mean that it won't benefit your child's education. Showing your child that reading can be fun and interactive helps to build a positive connection with reading. This link can carry through to their educational path and work to remove any negative thoughts many students have when handed a textbook. If your child is struggling to finish the chapters during your reading picnics or they ask questions about sentence structure which you aren't equipped to answer, help is at hand. Speak with The Tutoring Center, Houston TX by calling (832) 571-8224 and learn about how tutoring classes in Houston TX, focused on reading can help students of all levels increase their proficiency.


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