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Improve Your Student's Notebooks With a Quick Spring Cleaning

Every student and parent knows that the level of productivity during a study session depends greatly on the quality of the notes being used to study. The Tutoring Center, Houston TX has a great article below on how you can give your student’s notebooks a spring cleaning and boost their study session productivity.

Remove the Clutter

The first step is simply to remove the clutter of loose papers littering their notebook. As you remove them, mark both the original page and the removed paper using a pencil to make it easy to find its place again. As your student reads through each page to make sure it’s required, encourage them to only keep the important information. Even if this means cutting a sheet in half and discarding the rest. The key is to keep only the important information.

Time to Put Humpty Dumpty Back Together Again

With the original notebook on one side and the loose notes on the other, it’s time to put it back together again, only this time, improve the notes while you do it. For example, if you come across a page of poorly written notes which need an accompanying picture located on a loose paper, consider having your student re-write the notes on a fresh sheet of paper to not only fit the text on the page but to remove the clutter and include the diagram in the relevant text point. Once you have this, you can paste it over the original page. If you have a lot of notes, consider using a computer scanner or even a tablet device to handle the task and to edit the notes digitally before printing them. There is no denying that this could be a bit of work on you and your youngster’s part, however, the results far outweigh the work. Once completed, your student will have a solid reference tool from which to study. By rewriting illegible notes and including diagrams at the correct point, not just as an addition, your student can easily read and make contextual references as they review their notes and improve their learning. This, of course, is thanks to the fact that clean notes are easier and more appealing to read.

Help Your Child Improve Their Grades With Tutoring in Houston, Tx

Keeping a clean and productive notebook is crucial for a productive study session. However, if you find that this isn’t enough and your youngster is struggling, one-to-one tutoring in Houston, TX can help. Speak with The Tutoring Center, Houston TX today at (832) 571-8224 to learn about their subject-focused learning programs and how one-to-one tutoring can help your child reach their academic goals.


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