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Calculators can make life a lot easier. However, overusing them at a young age can get in the way of a child's academic development. If you want to learn to manage your child's calculator usage, so it won't hinder their math learning process, continue reading.

How to Teach Your Child to Use a Calculator

  1. Most importantly of all, you need to guarantee that your child is familiar with and can do basic math (adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing) correctly and on their own before you even think about giving them a calculator.
  2. You should also let your child know that there are other tools (such as an abacus, or a simple pencil and paper) that they can employ to calculate the result of a math operation. Said tools should focus mainly on them using their knowledge and brainpower.
  3. Having a conversation with your child can help in this respect. You can explain to them how being too dependent on the calculator can have consequences (for example, there will be situations in which they won't be able to use one).
  4. If you decide that your child can be responsible with a calculator, you can provide a standard calculator to them. Remember to sit down with them to teach them how it works.
  5. Finally, it's a good idea that you limit how your child uses the calculator. As an example, they can only employ it to verify a result that they've already worked out on their own.

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