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Creating a Learning Conducive Study Space at Home

When your youngster sits down to complete their homework, how effective their session is depends greatly on the environment in which they are studying. If your student’s homework is currently completed in the kitchen while watching you cook or on the couch while watching or listening to the TV, then below is a great post from The Tutoring Center, Houston TX for you to read on how you can improve your student’s study space.


Making an are distraction-free may seem as easy as turning off your child's phone or taking their laptop from the room during the study session. However, what if you were the cause of a distraction? Noises, like vacuuming the carpet, mowing the lawn, or even unloading the dishwasher, can be enough to steal your child’s attention away from their worksheet or prevent them from finishing reading a sentence. For this reason, both look for a study space which is in a quiet area of your home and also enact rules to prevent it from becoming noisy. For example, setting up a small desk and a chair in your back laundry room where people rarely visit can be a great study space for your youngster. You can even set up some tape to prevent visitors from walking into the area while your student is studying.

Supplies At-The-Ready!

The worst thing that a student can do is stop their studying to leave the room to get a glass of water or a colored marker. Why? Because once they return they have to re-read the information they were reviewing before they stopped and then they have to get into a smooth learning momentum once again. With this in mind, find out what they need for each of their homework sessions and make sure it’s all accessible. For example, a math homework session could require measuring tools along with colored markers for diagrams, so be sure they are close by.


Finally, it’s important that the area you choose has the right lighting. This could mean installing a small desk lamp or even replacing an overhead bulb with a dimmer wattage. When creating the right lighting, consider that lighting too dark can encourage your student to feel weary and potentially nap while lighting which is too bright can make it hard to concentrate and even cause headaches.

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