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Reading Class at Home

A student’s reading level can determine the type of academic and career options they are qualified for. The Tutoring Center, Houston TX has prepared a post with tips for improving your child’s reading level at home.

A Cooking Lesson

If preparing meals consists of you cooking while your children play video games or watch TV, then it’s time to switch up their routine and invite them into the kitchen to help you prepare the meal. Once you are ready to begin, hand any recipe you will be using to your child and ask them to read it aloud to you. Alongside this, as you use canned ingredients, ask your children to read the ingredients list on the label. While it’s true that the words on the ingredient list aren’t likely to form part of your child’s lexicon, the lesson being taught is actually about sounds. The words on these labels will introduce your children to new letter-sound combinations, putting them in a great position when learning new words during their academic path.

Promotional Material and Bank Notices

While you thought that signing up for an email account would mean the end to promotional flyers and bank letters making their way into your mailbox, you only need look around your home to realize this isn’t the case. Instead of loosely reading the letters and discarding promotional material, ask your children to perform the task for you. This could include telling you about an update to your bank’s terms and conditions or a sale at your local carpet store. The purpose of this task is to give them access to a range of writing styles and word choices, helping to improve both their reading and writing skills.

Tutoring Works

If your student struggles with their reading or they need a little more homework help than you can give them, one-to-one tutoring can help. To find out more, book your free initial diagnostic assessment at The Tutoring Center, Houston TX by calling (832) 571-8224.


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