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Improving Your Child's Writing Techniques

Whether it's an essay, exam, college application, or even a job application, how well you write determines your success. However, this is where many students fall short because of their limited exposure to varied writing styles. The Tutoring Center, Houston TX has some information to share on how reading fantasy novels can help your student improve their writing skills.

Um...I Can't Think of the Word. I'll Just Put...

Unfortunately, this is a thought which runs through too many brains when completing exams and assessments. Through reading their textbooks, students are only provided with the vocabulary they need to understand the text. This can leave many students short when it comes time to attempt to argue their point in an exam essay. Fantasy, crime investigations, and superhero style novels all offer the reader a varied range of vocabulary to read, learn, and reuse. This gives students the ability to express their thoughts, arguments, and positions better as they have a better word bank to choose from.

Sentence by Numbers

If you are reading a reputable textbook, then you are likely reading perfectly formed sentences designed to provide information. However, this structure isn't always the best when attempting to convey a personal message or elicit an emotional response. Through reading a wider range of writing styles, students inadvertently learn a multitude of different ways to form their thoughts and discover how word placement can alter the meaning of a sentence.

Your Student Can Improve Their Writing Skills with Tutoring

When it comes time to complete an essay or exam, these skills will allow a student to provide a response and submission that stands out from those of their peers. If your student struggles with their writing, speak with somebody who can help. The Tutoring Center, Houston TX offers writing focused 'Geniuses in Training" programs designed to help students of all levels improve their proficiency. Call them today at (832) 571-8224 to learn more or to book your free consultation.


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