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It's common for children to feel discouraged when they encounter failure therefore, it's important to take action before they stop trying out of frustration. In order to overcome demotivation, the adult in charge has to determine what has led to this situation and decide how to tackle this roadblock.

Don’t Take for Granted Your Child’s Pastimes

The adult in charge must nurture the child's interests in order to broaden their hobbies. Maybe you haven't realized this, but children crave validation and they'll notice if you're keeping up with the things they're passionate about. So, next time you see them feeling down, know you can rely on their interests to keep them motivated. Despite their big imagination, children will drop a few hints and traits that could give you a glimpse of their professional future. Keep asking them about jobs they’re interested in and pay attention to their academic strengths, ask them this question every once in a while but don't be too pushy with it, just make sure they know that choosing a career path is the endgame of their studies. Last but not least, acknowledging effort is one of the most powerful rewards for children; it gives them confidence and drives to try new things; once they’ve felt it, they keep working harder to receive praise in everything they do.

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