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Help a Visual Learner With Their Study

Does your student prefer to sit close to the board during their classes or do they always have their nose buried in a book? It is likely that they identify with the traits of a visual learner. If this sounds like your child, The Tutoring Center, Houston TX has a post with tips to help them study at home.

It's All About the Visuals

Reading text is great, but adding diagrams and pictures is even better when it comes to a visual learner. In addition to their standard textbooks, look for additional resources which include further visual aids to help reinforce the lesson.

Movies Aren't All Bad

Whether it's a library resource on DVD or an online video watched on a tablet or computer, If there is a lesson to read about, there is almost definitely a video about it. Speak with your local library or look online for short videos which your student can watch to help display the lesson in another visual format. If you do choose to provide online videos for your child, be mindful that many online players have an 'auto-next' features. This means that once your child has finished watching the video, the page will automatically load the next video which isn't always educational. This can lead to never-ending distractions.

Color Coding

Highlighters are a great resource for visual learners because it gives them an easily way to identify specific types of information. For example, blue means important dates, green means important names, and pink means locations and landmarks. These can help a student to find information quickly during busy study sessions.

Tutoring Classes for All Learning Styles

It doesn't matter which style of learning your student most identifies with, if their grades are declining, tutoring classes can help. Talk to a professional at The Tutoring Center, Houston TX by calling (832) 571-8224 and ask about how one-on-one tutoring can help students of all learning styles reach their academic potential and succeed in school.


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