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4 Easy Steps to Get Your Teen Scholarship-Ready

Along with filling out applications for college and studying for the SAT/ACTs, applying for college can be a bit overwhelming, especially when you start to look at the price of a higher education. College is expensive, but by following these tips from The Tutoring Center in Houston, your teen will be ready to take advantage of all the scholarship opportunities available:

Make a Scholarship Portfolio

Keeping a record of your teenager’s participation in a local community project, or certification for participation in a debate tournament, is crucial to utilizing these extra curricular activities when applying for scholarships. Write down references, phone numbers and then all this information is ready for your teen when they are filling out scholarship applications.

Inside & Outside School Activities

With all the available extra curricular activities at school, such as sports, choir, or debate, your teen’s schedule can fill up pretty fast. Keep in mind that it’s good to have a balance of extra curricular activities from school, as well as outside school participating and contributing to the local community. Get your teen involved handing out flyers for a local blood donation drive, or taking seniors to the polls to vote.

Keep Track of Potential Teacher References

Throughout high school, save your student’s report cards, any essays with constructive comments, or exams with excellent scores. These will become helpful when your teenager needs ideas about potential references. Teachers will also appreciate seeing old work in order to write them a genuine recommendation letter.

Maintain That GPA

While it’s easy to become distracted with all the other factors in applying for scholarships, don’t forget that grades are still the number one determiner in deciding whether your teen qualifies for scholarships. Keeping your teen’s GPA above at least a 3.6 or so should put them in a good position to apply for scholarships.

Tutoring in Houston, TX

Applying for scholarships can be a lot of work if you are still missing some of the basics. For any extra help with reading, writing or math through one-to-one tutoring or private tutoring in Houston, please give us a call today at (832)571-8224 for more information.


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