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Prevent Your Child from Falling Behind in School

Despite what your child thinks, the start of the new school year isn’t going to be spent relearning old lessons from the previous school year. With a heavy curriculum to cover, teachers want to make the most of the time they have to prepare all students for the year ahead as soon as classes start. For children who ignored their studies over the summer break, this can leave them at a bit of a loss. Below is a post from The Tutoring Center, Houston TX about how back-to-school tutoring can help.

No Time to Relearn

If your child wasn’t attentive to their studies over the summer break then the summer learning loss would have caused their brains to forget a range of important lessons, whether that be a math lesson here or a science lesson there, etc. While it may seem inconsequential, these lost lessons are paramount to learning the new and progressive lessons their teacher is showing them on the board during their first days back at school. As you can imagine, lacking this foundational knowledge makes it difficult to keep up in class and can result in your student falling behind their classmates before they have had a chance to make plans for the weekend.

Back-to-School Tutoring Can Help Children Like Yours in This Situation in Two Ways

The first is to provide students with help relearning the foundational knowledge which was left behind in the summer vacation break. This could be a small part of a larger lesson or even the entire lesson itself. Whatever is needed to ensure your child has a full understanding of their previous lessons, tutoring can provide it. The second aspect is to help your child understand how their previous lessons connect with the new lessons being taught and provide the help they need to understand their new lessons. While some students are ready for the natural progression into more complex classes, some children need a bit of extra help grasping new concepts.

Tutoring Can Help Your Student Start the New School Year on a Strong Note

If you are concerned about your student failing in class or you just want to give them the help they need to understand their new and more difficult classes, tutoring can help. Speak with The Tutoring Center, Houston TX by calling (832) 571-8224 to book your free initial diagnostic assessment and to learn about how tutoring can help your child this new school year.


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