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Encourage Your Child's Natural Skill for Writing

Does your child have a brilliant imagination? Are they always making up crazy stories and telling tall tales? You could have a budding new novelist  on your hands. The Tutoring Center in Houston has put together some ideas to help you encourage and improve your child's natural writing talent. 

  • Host a backyard sleepover with your child’s friends and get them all to write scary stories. Toast some Marshmallows and read the stories aloud around a campfire. The kids will have a great time trying to scare each other silly!
  • Buy your child a diary and encourage them to write about their day and experiences every night. Give them free reign over what they write about and reward them when the complete a full week or month.
  • Write a handwritten letter to a family member in another city or state or send a postcard when on Vacation. There are also many pen pal programs across the world that you can sign your child up to. This gives them the chance to experience another child's culture and they can collect the stamps as well!
  • Write stories together! Kids learn a lot from watching their parents, take some time to write a fun story that you can read to Grandma or Grandpa when they come to visit. Let them choose the topic and just go with it. Add some fun pictures or make it into a comic book.

Tutoring in Houston

Encouraging your child to write is a great way to improve their sentence structure and spelling and is a great complement to one-to-one tutoring in Houston. Speak with a learning professional at The Tutoring Center in Houston on (832) 571-8224 and learn about how our targeted programs can help your child reach their learning, and best seller novel writing, potential.


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