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Activites to Keep Your Child's Brain Warm and Learning

Remember when the weather was hot and you couldn’t manage to keep your children seated long enough to feed them a meal before they were playing outside again? Has that now been replaced by youngsters who seem to be attached to the couch? If your answer is yes then The Tutoring Center, Houston TX has the following post with two fun learning activities you can do indoors!

Visit a Museum

If your last memory of visiting a museum was when you were a student and all you could do was walk around and read small pieces of information, then you are in for a surprise! Not content to allow electronic screens and devices to steal the attention of students, many museums have adjusted their offerings and have taken advantage of technology to host a range of interactive, fun, and educational exhibits and attractions for children. While it can seem like nothing more than a fun day out when you read about some of the activities offered, you can be sure that there will be a strong learning element, often delivered so well that children don’t even know they’re being taught!

If Picasso Was a Mathematician...

then he would definitely paint by numbers. For this tip, head to your local art store and let your youngster pick out a paint-by-numbers set. If you can, find one with a large set of numbers and one which matches their interests. Once you have everything set up in an easy-to-clean space, paint the numbers using math challenges, such as:
  • Painting all of the prime numbers in the range
  • Paint only the numbers in a multiplication set they have been struggling with
  • Paint the answer to basic math equations
Any type of math questions you have where the answer is a number in the range available in the art set can be used to help your child enjoy a creative activity while also keeping their math brain working.

Tutoring Works for All Students in All Weather Conditions

In addition to these ideas, consider the benefits of one-to-one tutoring to give your student the tools they need to catch up on any lessons they have been falling behind on . Speak with The Tutoring Center, Houston TX today at 832 571 8224 to book your free diagnostic consultation. During your first visit, a trained learning professional can answer any questions you have about the benefits of one-to-one tutoring and how subject focused tutoring programs can help your child reach their learning potential.


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