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 Synonym Bingo Is a Great Game You Can All Enjoy at Home

When it comes to teaching your children or helping them with their studies, the challenge is finding a method which can draw their attention away from either the TV or their tablet screen.

However, this is a challenge that The Tutoring Center, Houston TX can help you tackle head-on with a great game you can all play while you wait for dinner to cook.

How to Play Synonym Bingo

  • Using some scrap paper, create a set of bingo cards with 3 by 3 squares.
  • Tear up some pieces of paper big enough to write one word on. 15 will do the trick.
  • Now, write a word on each of the pieces of paper.</li>
  • Once you have this, turn them over and write a corresponding synonym.
  • Now, shuffle them all up and lay them out randomly on your table.
  • Looking over at them, transcribe a selection of the words onto your bingo cards.
  • Now it’s time to place the pieces of paper into a bowl and get the game going!

Take turns pulling a piece of paper out of the bowel, read only one of the words written on it. If a player has the synonym on their card, they can mark it off.

The first player to mark off three squares in a row wins!

Just like real bingo, you can expect tensions to get comically high when it gets down to a few players waiting for just one word!

Of course, being fun isn’t the only advantage to this game. It is also highly customizable. For example, if your child is struggling with a particular subject at school, make that subject the theme for the words that you use for the game.

Tutoring in Houston TX Works!

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