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Show Your Child the Benefits of Reading

It's no surprise that most parents would rather see their children reading a book then glued to the television - and who can blame them? If you're one of these parents then read on - The Tutoring Center in Houston has put together some ways to help your child boost their reading competency and enjoyment.

What Are You Reading?

The best way to show your child the enjoyment of reading is to show your child the enjoyment of reading. The next time you are sitting down to read, try to do it so that your child can see. Once you have finished, briefly speak with them excitedly about what had just occurred in the book and how excited you are to read more. Of course, if you're reading a book that is outside their understanding, make something up. The important lesson for your child to learn is that reading is exciting and enjoyable.

Respect Their Choices

Do you remember when your sixth grade teacher made you read that book that you just couldn't stand? Don't let that become you. Take your child to a bookstore or library and let them browse the aisles and ask questions about genres and books. Have them select three to five book for you to choose two. Choose one which you feel is the most beneficial and educational for your child, while allow the other one to be something purely for enjoyment. Remember, reading is reading.

Read Together!

Get out the picnic blanket, pack some lunch, snacks and drinks and head to the park for a reading picnic. Keeping the reading environment different shows them that reading is a great task that can be enjoyed anywhere you have a book, not just limited to the classroom or to homework or study.

Tutoring in Houston

Reading is a great task to get your child excited about and brings with it so many opportunities for your child to learn and grow their mind. To expand their mind even further and help them with that educational advantage. speak with a learning professional at The Tutoring Center in Houston on 832 571 8224 and ask about how formal one-to-one instruction can help your child achieve their goals.


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