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Is the Summer Learning Slide Affecting Your Student?

It sounds like a fun activity you and your family can enjoy at the park where you all magically learn new lessons as you slide down the play equipment. The Tutoring Center, Houston TX has a great post below on the reality of the topic.

Just What Is the Summer Learning Slide?

The summer learning slide refers to the phenomenon where a youngster’s brain begins to lose valuable information during an extended break from their studies. If you were to think of your student’s brain as a sponge, while they are at school their brain is constantly absorbing lessons, just as a sponge absorbs water when submerged in it. However, also just like a sponge, once you remove it from water, it can start to drip. In the example of your child’s brain, the drops of water represent valuable lessons: a math equation here, a science lesson there, and so on. While it may seem inconsequential during the break, when the student returns to school, they will need to spend valuable class time relearning valuable lessons while also trying to keep up with their new classes.

Can It Be Prevented?

While a parent’s first thought is to enroll their student in full-time summer school, the truth is that they have earned a break from full-time studies with the hard work they put in throughout the school year. Instead, a balance of both school work and leisure time is in order. Consider these ideas:
  • One-to-one tutoring a few times a week can be a great way to not only keep an educational routine but to also bolster their knowledge.
  • A pop quiz on the way to the shops is a great use of travel time, with a successfully completed quiz being rewarded with a treat from the candy aisle.
  • Reviewing their notes during travel time on a family road trip or even between TV shows is a great use of downtime and can really benefit their learning.

Tutoring Classes in Houston, TX Work!

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