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How Your Youngster Can Benefit from Group Study Sessions

It’s just a group of students chatting about social media and the latest music videos, right? That’s what parents think when they hear the term ‘group study session.' And while this may be the case for some, if facilitated correctly and well, a group study session can be remarkably beneficial for all students involved. Below is some further information from The Tutoring Center, Houston TX on the very topic.

Realigning a Misperception

It has happened to us all. You’re at work and your boss gives you and your colleagues a task to complete. You each go away thinking that you are completing the correct work, only to later find that a simple misunderstanding or misperception resulted in you wasting valuable work time. Now, if you transfer this scenario into a classroom environment, you’re left with a student who, while working hard during their study time, ultimately hands in work which wasn’t really what the teacher was looking for. In place of an angry boss, however, they have a teacher who assigns a low or even a failing grade. During a group study session, students can comfortably speak about what they believe the assignment is and what is required to complete it by the teacher's standards. In just a few minutes, each student not only shares the same understanding but the correct one!

Did the Teacher Say 1860 or 1680? Let’s Go with 1700 to Be Safe!

It doesn’t matter how many times you try to tell a student not to do it, they will always try to take note of every word that their teacher says. While it starts off okay, as the lesson progresses they find themselves trying to remember and note down what the teacher said three sentences ago while simultaneously trying to listen to what is currently being said! At the end of the lesson, all the student is left with is incomplete and incorrect notes! Through a short group study session, each student has the opportunity to openly share their notes, with one student helping fill in the blanks of another. Using this method, each student leaves the session with a full set of correct notes to utilize during their personal study time at home.

Tutoring Works!

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