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Don't Allow Poor Time Management Skills to Ruin Your Child's Report Card

Of all the aspects of a student who is going through adolescence, a forgetful mind is one of the least appealing. They never forget their cellphone, but, instead, it tends to be important assignment due dates which make their way to the back of their minds, never to see daylight again. Until, of course, the night before the assignment is due. If this occurs once then it may not be a cause for concern. However, if it has become a running theme in your child’s student life, The Tutoring Center, Houston TX has some information below on how this could cause concerns when it comes time for your child’s report card. For the easiest way to understand the effect poor time management skills has on a student, imagine the following. A student who:
  • Always arrives to class on time
  • Pays attention during the entire lesson
  • Asks questions as they need to
  • Takes thorough notes
  • Enjoys each lesson
If this student were to be given an assignment on the lessons they have been learning, you would expect nothing short of an A+. However, now include a new aspect of the student where they lack basic time management skills. When a student lacks adequate time management skills, they don’t plan to complete portions of the assignments over the course of a few study or homework periods, allowing sufficient time to review and adjust. No. Instead, a student who lacks these skills forgets or leaves their assignment until the last minute, giving them only a few hours to complete an assignment that should have taken days. As you can imagine, this doesn’t spell success when it comes time for the teacher to grade each assignment. The biggest concern in situations like these is that the student mentioned in the scenario is an interested and conscientious student who paid attention and put in the work throughout the semester. This means a bright, intelligent, and motivated student returns home with grades which don’t at all reflect their abilities, simply because they weren’t able to plan out an assignment which the teacher had to use when considering the majority of their semester grade.

Tutoring in Houston TX Can Help Students of All Levels

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