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Make Cleaning Educational

While cleaning isn’t usually a family’s favorite activity, it is a necessity and one which you can use to help keep your child’s brain active. The Tutoring Center, Houston TX  has prepared some information about how you can make the task educational.

Measurements & Science

While you may take it for granted, knowing how to use concentrated products, such as your cleaning fluids, is a skill which is learned and one which children can benefit from. As you are mixing your cleaning solutions together, even if it’s just water and solution, involve your children in the lesson. Show them the basics of watering down a concentrate to achieve a different strength or consistency or even just how to measure out and mix different cleaning items, such as mixing a powder with a liquid cleaning solution.

Spatial Awareness and Math

It can be difficult for children to understand the benefit of math, with the age-old question floating around, "Why do I need to learn this anyway" And while this can be a difficult question for an algebra teacher, it’s an easy one for a parent. As you move your furniture around your home while you clean, have your student measure and make calculations to confirm your furniture items will fit in a new place. Similarly, ask them to perform some of these calculations without any measurements, just using their visual perception and spatial awareness. Being able to see the fruition of their work can be a great way to show them the benefit of math and how they can and will use it in their daily lives.

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