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Use a Tablet to Find Your Child's Strengths and Learning Weaknesses

It’s completely reasonable for parents to be against the idea of their youngsters using technology such as a tablet. After all, to an adult, a tablet is nothing more than an entertainment or work productivity device. As powerful...

Get Your Children Ready to Go Back to School with Ease

Summer vacation is the perfect time for families and friends to get together and take advantage of the beautiful weather. Despite how much we would all love the period to last forever, it sadly comes to an end. For students and parents, this...

Flashcards: An Old Favorite with a Lot of Benefit

One of the biggest challenges faced by eager parents is how to help their student with homework. The enthusiasm is there, but it's the perception that without knowing the subject themselves, they can't possibly provide assistance. However, The...

The Importance of Continuing Learning Over the Summer Break

If you have watched your student work hard throughout the school year then it can be tempting to consider that, as a reward, they can take a break from their studies. While it is important for every student to enjoy time with their...

Don't Allow Poor Time Management Skills to Ruin Your Child's Report Card

Of all the aspects of a student who is going through adolescence, a forgetful mind is one of the least appealing. They never forget their cellphone, but, instead, it tends to be important assignment due dates which make...

Improving Your Child's Writing Techniques

Whether it's an essay, exam, college application, or even a job application, how well you write determines your success. However, this is where many students fall short because of their limited exposure to varied writing styles. The Tutoring Center,...

Enjoy a Reading Picnic with Your Youngster

When it comes to reading, not all children show the same level of interest. While some many enjoy the task, many others consider it to be boring and without benefit. If this sounds like the views of a young student in your home, The Tutoring Center,...

How to Use a Simple Learning Tool to Get Great Results

It’s one of the most traditional methods to teach children at home. However, due to its simplicity, it’s often overlooked by parents who are seeking to provide their children with homework help. The Tutoring Center, Houston TX knows the power...
Socialization, academics, employment opportunities, and many other areas in a person's life can be affected negatively if they lack proper grammar. This is because it is a basic skill that should be mastered if one aspires to communicate their ideas effectively. That's why it's imperative that...
Nowadays, spelling isn't as looked after as it once was. Texts and online posts are often flooded with mistakes, typos, and overall bad spelling and grammar. However, being a good speller still carries some weight, especially in the academic and business worlds. If you want your child to develop...


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